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Natalie Cochenour

20990 Laser Ln, South Lyon MI, 48178

Phone: (734) 358-3471

Email: natalie@hooligansfarm.com

ADGA Membership I.D. # 1540902




This transaction is pursuant to Section XIX, Recommended Trade Practices for Members, subsections A through G, of the ADGA guide book, Constitution, and bylaws.


For the Deposit/Sum of ______________________________________, I,  (Seller), grant, sell Natalie Cochenour, transfer, and deliver to:


______________________________ (Buyer), of __________________________________


______________________________________(address) upon full payment of said animal(s).


1. _____________________________________________ (Doeling/Buckling)


For the total sum of ___________________.  (Registered/Unregistered/Castrated)


Tattoo RE:                                                                 LE:


2. _____________________________________________ (Doeling/Buckling)


For the total sum of ___________________.  (Registered/Unregistered/Castrated).


Tattoo RE:                                                                  LE:


A deposit of _______________ has been made, and payment of ______________ is due.


For Air Freight Delivery: Buyer is responsible for prepaying airline shipping charges to your airport, and any costs of crates, testing, transportation from the farm to the airport in Lubbock or Amarillo ($30), health certificates ($50 ea), and any boarding fees associated after 3 weeks of age, and/or any other unanticipated expenses as the result of shipping said kid(s). Out of country clients will have additional exportation fees to be assessed at time of agreement.


Kids at our farm are normally unvaccinated at the time of purchase, since we vaccinated dams during their pregnancy. This provides passive immunity for our goat kids. We highly recommend vaccination with CD/T vaccine of your choice at 8 weeks of age, and yearly following. The kids are normally disbudded, but if sold unregistered, this is per verbal agreement. All sales are final, and deposits are non-refundable except for situations where kid from your chosen breeding has not been born, deaths, or retained stock. No reservations are taken based on color, and conformation is not guaranteed. Our does are tested annually for CAE (as well as some other occasional tests like Q Fever, Johne’s, Brucellosis/Bang’s Disease,  etc). CL testing is inaccurate, but we have never had any abscesses in our herd. We will not sell animals that are affected with any of these diseases, and our herd has always been negative. Tests will be available for viewing at time of purchase. G6S testing is only guaranteed tested or normal by parentage animals. We do have animals that have not been tested for G6S or cleared by parentage. The rest are considered normal by parentage. We have also started to test for Alpha S1 Casein. No guarantees can be made on this until all animals have been tested, although our on farm bucks (Nubian only) are guaranteed A or B (their parents have been tested). As we are a CAE-free herd, we do not pasteurize the milk for our animals or our family. We are on DHIA test, milk records back up our animals and their milk production.


Feeding/Caring for Your Hooligans Kid: We strongly recommend coccidia treatment, started when the kid reaches three weeks of age and every three weeks until 6 months of age. We prefer treatment with toltrazuril, at a rate of 1ml/5 lbs of body weight. We add this to the milk, or use a drenching syringe. We recommend always having a thermometer, syringes and needles, Penicillin, BOSE, Vitamin B Complex or B12, Copper Boluses, Ivermectin/Praziquantel wormer, CD/T vaccine, CD/T antitoxin, Tetanus antitoxin, toltrazuril coccidiostat, probios probiotic, pepto-bismol, and banamine on hand. We also recommend having a good working relationship with your vet prior to an emergency, as many medications are prescription only. We follow the feeding schedule and amounts that can be found on fiascofarm.com. We never recommend milk replacer, but instead a fortified whole cow’s milk if goat milk is unavailable, warmed to approximately 90 degrees. This is a four month commitment to feeding your kid several times a day. We make no guarantees on health, besides genetic anomaly, once the kid leaves our farm due to variables regarding feeding and care.


All kids must be picked up by 10 days of age, or per agreement, or they will incur a daily boarding charge of $6 per day, plus other expenses related to care. Health certificates for out of state purchases are at the expense of the buyer, at $32 from our vet.


As a requirement of sale, we require 10 straws of semen from any buckling we sell to be available at cost of collection as long as the original purchaser owns the buck, and during the buck's living years. Otherwise we forfeit the right to such semen.



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Seller                                                                                 Buyer

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Dated: _____________________________________


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