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All kids will be sold with a hooligans farm contract signed by the perching party.

Contract is available to view on our website under the terms of sale page. 


 By Placing a deposit on a kid of your choice, you understand that the Hooligans Farm may choose to retain any animal that it sees fit to continuing the breeding program. Prices are only for reserved kids, re-evaluation will take place at birth. Guarantees are only that said animals are free of defect that effect survival or serious structural defects.  All Nubian animals in the herd have been tested for G6S deficiency or normal by parentage, all bucks are normal by parentage and tested. All animals are tested yearly for CAE.

CAE, CL and Johnes testing was done on the entire herd 2020-2021. Brucellosis and TB is tested on a case by case basis.  No CL cysts or Soremouth has ever been present in the herd. We recommend a consistent schedule of coccidia treatment for all goat kids until 6 months of age. We do not pasteurize our goat milk, for our family or the goats. Several of our animals have parentage proven A or B Alpha s-1 casein. Others have not been tested. Please inquire about animals that have results on hand. All A.I. bucks are G6S normal as well. Refunds on deposits will not be given, except on deposits placed on animals that were not born, or for genetic anomaly such as extra teats, parrot mouth, etc. We will allow a transfer of deposit for an unborn animal, but will not transfer deposits made on adults to future unborn kids. Deposits are placed with the understanding that animals must be picked up in a timely manner, within contracted time frame, or the animal will incur a boarding cost, as well as expenses incurred for injury, illness, or otherwise during the time frame that exceeds that which is prescribed in the contract. Failure to pick up adult or kids will result in forfeiture of deposit, and the animal will be put up for sale. 

We require a deposit of $100 per head to reserve a doeling, buckling or milking doe.  

If you require health papers to take goats out of state, please let us know at least two weeks prior to pickup.

We require the buyer to pick up any additional costs for health certificates and/or testing.  

Please email, text or call us with inquiries or requests to reserve kids at

Natalie Cochenour (734) 358-3471

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