the bucks are half the  farm

We use our farm bucks for live breeding and do AI (artificial insemination) to constantly improve our herd every year. Our bucks live on the far side of our property to help promote the best tasting dairy goat products without the “goaty” taste. 

All of our Bucks are *B and promote only the highest quality genetics available in the dairy goat industry.


*B Redwood Hill X-Rated Jester, has sired the 10th place Senior kid at the 2015 Nationals. This was a very competitive class of 48 very nice senior kids. He also sired the 16th place yearling milker at the 2016 Nationals. Although Jester has one Linear Appraisal as yearling, it was a very respectable 86 VVV. He has daughters that are or have been on DHIR and Linear Appraised in at least 2 different herds. 


 ++*B Shinin-Moon X-rated, sired a doe that won National Champion as a junior doe and as senior doe, also being his sires ¾ sibling, SGCH Redwood Hills X-Rated Rima 11*M FS93 (EEEE). His sire’s dam, SGCH Redwood Hills Lance Jamila, is on her 3rd milk-through lactation, proving the will-to-milk runs deep in his lineage.



American Alpine 
Registration # AA2010052 



Purebred Nubian

DNA on file 


Mikes dam- Showgirl earn her dry leg as a kid in 2014 and finished her championship at her first show in 2016 as a first freshening two-year-old. Not only is she a strong contender in the show ring she also knows how to put milk in the pale with a lactation of 2700 pounds as a first fresher. She is a tall fronted, sharp in the weathers with smoothness of blending, a strong top line and correct rear leg set with strength of feet. She’s also developed a fair amount of depth and width with overall power and substance. She has strength of memory with Height and width in the rear, strong medial, correct teat placement and extension in The fire udder.
Thank you Lakeshore Farms for use of these fantastic photos.


Mikes Sire- SGCH +*B J&R Spirit’s HT-K Kaitai comes from an extremely strong dam line that has continually proven itself across several different bloodlines and within many herds. To say we are excited to have a son in our third is an understatement. Kaitai’s litter mate sister was the o
2008 Spotlight sale consignment in second place three-year-old at the 2011 national show. His dam SGCH Desert Willow KE CK Kailua 2*M 8-07 93 (EEEE), was first place age though at the 2009 National show and went on to win reserve national best Udder.
Kaitai is a beautiful Terry back who is tall, sharp, clean, long and level. He has straight four legs and square set to his rear legs. He easily finished his championship his first time showing as a five-year-old.



Grits sire +*B Six M Galaxy Lightning is a 2014 USDA Elite Sire​ and the Sire of Top Ten Does SG Veteran's Sparkling Bubbles and Veteran's Happy Dancer. Lightning has  top ten and ELITE lines on both sides of his pedigree.m

Grit dam SG Veteran's Sparky Rose also qualified on 2019 ELITE list!

Grit's dam, Sparky Rose, is a Crow's Dairy Blue Sparkles daughter, and as expected, she milks very well but is still young. Grit is an extremely tall buck, and passes this to his offspring.  He is a calm, respectful buck. We see a lot of his sire, Six M Galaxy Lightning in his shape, head, and legs. His grandsire is C&W Farm Zena's Noble Knight, with milky genetics as well. Grit's dam is Veteran's Sparky Rose, an up and coming daughter of he infamous Crow's Dairy Blue Sparkles, numerous time top ten doe and elite status. Sparky Rose did earn her SG status in 2016, as a yearling.

 His first daughters will be freshening in spring of 2018, and we anticipate that they will milk exceptionally well.



Nubian Buck 

AGDA# N1758059 


*B Linn Farm’s Bucklee
2019 EEV 90
Alpha S1 Casein A/A

Bucklee has an incredible production pedigree so we were excited to add him to our buck line up.  Bucklee is Six M Galaxy bred on both sire and dam side.  Six M Galaxy has produced some of the top production Nubian in the country with multiple top 10 records spanning over two decades.  Bucklee’s sire, SG +*B Six M Galaxy Noel’s Magi is an elite sire ranking in the 99th percentile of all Nubian sires. While he has been siring offspring for several years, none have been on DHIA or LA’d so we are looking forward to tracking his offspring more closely.  Hooligans farm is looking forward to breeding Bucklee in 2019.  With his production background we expect great improvements in our herd performance.

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Pictured as a 3 year old 

        Sire-  J&R SPIRIT'S HT-K KAITAI

Rebel's Dam's udder

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